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Information on previous symposium hosted by the Penn Institute for Computational Science can be found here.

2017 PICS Symposium

Emergent Phenomena: Patterns, Function and Beyond

External Speakers:

Terry Sejnowskii, UCSD
Irmgard Bischofberger, MIT
Martin Bazant, MIT
Simon Phillpot, University of Florida
Ismaila Dabo, Penn State
Michael Falk, Johns Hopkins
Vladimir Pavlovic, Rutgers

2017 Conference Event Photos

2017 Conference Agenda

2016 PICS Symposium Emerging Paradigms in Scientific Discovery

Emerging Paradigms in Scientific Discovery

Description: Please join us for a one and one-half day Symposium that focuses on emerging computational and mathematical approaches associated with discovering new mechanisms, constraints, conservation laws, and conceptualizing new theories amidst the landscape of Big Data. This theme touches upon diverse disciplines in health, materials science, biomedical science, marketing/business, and phenomics, which we broadly define as the scene of emergent properties or phenomena across disciplines.

2016 Conference Event Photos


Past Symposium Speakers

Shivani Agarwal

Vijay Balasubramanian

Yoseph Barash

Long Cai

Doug Jerolmack

Chenfanfu Jiang

George Karniadakis

Costas Koumenis

Dan Lee

Po-Ling Loh

Jason Moore

Amish Patel

Jennifer Philips-Cremins

Robert Riggleman

Terry Sejnowski

Vivek Shenoy

Alison Sweeney

Caroline Uhler

Aleksandra Vojvodic

Byron Wallace