Penn researchers investigate how atoms diffuse along the interfaces between metals and ceramics.

“Metal/Ceramic Interfaces are High-Diffusivity Paths” by Aakash Kumar

Aakash Kumar

Post doctoral student Aakash Kumar has published his paper, “Metal/Ceramic Interfaces are High-Diffusivity Paths” in Device & Materials Engineering on December 7, 2018.

“Materials scientists are constantly exploring and evaluating new materials and their properties for energy and electronics devices. A key aspect of this exploration involves finding meaningful descriptors that can aid and accelerate this process — this approach is popularly known as material-by-design. In our Nature Communications article, we first demonstrate that many metal/ceramic interfaces present in the solid-state devices for numerous technologies are high-diffusivity or “short-circuit” diffusion paths, and then propose an empirical descriptor to aid material design involving these interface systems.”

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“Metal/Ceramic Interfaces are High-Diffusivity Paths”