“Imaging of surface acoustic waves on GaAs using 2D confocal Raman microscopy and atomic force microscopy”

Talid Sinno has contributed to a paper out in Applied Physics Letters.

Abstract: Surface acoustic wave devices have been fabricated on a GaAs 100 substrate to demonstrate the capability of 2D Raman microscopy as an imaging technique for acoustic waves on the surface of a piezoelectric substrate. Surface acoustic waves are generated using a two-port interdigitated transducer platform, which is modified to produce surface standing waves. We have derived an analytical model to relate Raman peak broadening to the near-surface strain field of the GaAs surface produced by the surface acoustic waves. Atomic force microscopy is used to confirm the presence of a standing acoustic wave, resolving a total vertical displacement of 3 nm at the antinode of the standing wave. Stress calculations are performed for both imaging techniques and are in good agreement, demonstrating the potential of this Raman analysis.