What is advanced registration? How do I register for courses?

For information on advanced registration please follow this link: https://ugrad.seas.upenn.edu/student-handbook/courses-requirements/advanced-registration/.

Penn’s registration system works in two phases: advanced registration and regular add/drop/swap period. In advanced registration, students can pick courses that they are interested in registering for prior to a specific deadline. Then, the system will go through all of these requests and automatically register students for courses based on their requests. You are not guaranteed to get every course you requested. You should not advanced register more courses than is allowed (3 C.U.). After this period, registration is open to everyone and students have until a few weeks into the next semester to add new courses, drop registered courses, or swap registered courses.

Here is a link to Path@Penn’s course search to add courses to your cart: https://catalog.upenn.edu/course-search/.

Here is a guide on how to advanced register for courses: https://apps.srfs.upenn.edu:44306/secure/Pennant-Training/Path-Perform-Advance-Registration.pdf.

Here are some tips and tricks for registration: https://apps.srfs.upenn.edu:44306/secure/Pennant-Training/Registration-Tips-Tricks.pdf.

If you have other questions about registration, please reach out to SRFS here: https://srfs.upenn.edu/contact.