How do I transfer courses taken at other universities to SCMP?

Students should submit a Graduate Transfer of Credit Petition along with a course description/syllabi and a final (may be unofficial) transcript with the course name(s) and grade(s) earned to their program or faculty advisor for review. Dual degree students are held to the 2 course transfer request and are not allowed additional requests. Only courses with grades of B are higher will be reviewed. The course credit will be transferred in, not the course grade; credit transfers do not impact GPA. For on campus programs, courses taken under a certificate program, study abroad, or online are not allowed and they will not be reviewed or considered for transfer. Per University policy, courses counted towards an undergraduate degree will not be considered for graduate credit unless in an approved and awarded submatriculation program (PhD policy; Master’s policy). Transfer credit must be taken prior to matriculation at Penn as students cannot be enrolled in two schools at once. Courses are held to a time limit of five (5) years from the date the course was taken.