Workshop: Rust

On Saturday, February 19 starting at 10:00 PICS will present an in-person workshop on Rust.

In this workshop we will give an introduction to Rust code syntax and semantics. We will show how language features from more familiar languages like Python and C++ transfer over, while also introducing concepts not found in many mainstream languages; these include Rust‘s ownership model, traits, and lifetimes. The first half of the workshop will cover the necessary basics with examples. The second half will jump into a project where users will write a molecular dynamics simulation code from scratch in Rust.

Pre-requisites: We ask that you have a basic familiarity with any programming language as we will not be covering the basics.

Registration: You must click here to register for this workshop.

Instructors: This workshop will be taught by Ian Graham and Christian Tabedzki.

*This workshop was originally scheduled for Saturday, January 29 and was rescheduled due to COVID-19.