PICS Student Seminar with Anna Neuman and Chris Price

On July 15 at 12:00 PICS will host a virtual student seminar led by Anna Neuman and Chris Price.

Chris Price is a 4th year PhD in materials science in Vivek Shenoy’s group. The working title of his presentation will be ‘Connecting Computational Tools for Multiscale Models’. He will give an overview of the different simulation techniques that he uses in his research; with an emphasis on practical usage and some ideas on how to link them together to make multiscale models.
Anna Neuman is a rising 2nd year PhD in CBE, co-advised by Rob Riggleman and Daeyeon Lee. Her working title is “Modeling Multiphase Behavior of Polymer Nanoblends in the Interstices of NP Packings“. She will be showing how to use field theory to model the interactions between polymer chains and nanoparticles and discuss the interesting open questions in this area.

email Katie Thompson at kathom at for the Zoom details