Aleksandra Vojvodic covers Penn Engineering news for Spring 2019

Congratulations to Professor Aleksandra Vojvodic who is featured on the cover of the Penn Engineering Spring 2019 news magazine.

In the article titled, “Leveraging Chemistry for a Green World,” Aleks discusses how many of the problems we face as we move towards a more environmentally friendly future can be solved through chemistry.

“All these systems—electrocatalysis, batteries, fuel cells—they all have something happening at the atomic scale. Protons, electrons and ions are moving around. It’s not only energy being transferred; there’s a process going on that is chemical in nature,”

Aleksandra Vojvodic

With collaborations formed through the Scialog Program, part of Aleks’ research is focused on improving the degradation that occurs in rechargeable batteries. She is also focused on combating climate issues by working with her lab to develop efficient and sustainable sources of hydrogen and create ammonia at a lower energy cost.

“If we can get electricity by collecting sunlight, and use that electricity to split water and make hydrogen, then we can combine that hydrogen with nitrogen to make ammonia fertilizers to grow our crops.”

Aleksandra Vojvodic

You can read this article and more in the Spring 2019 Penn Engineering news magazine.