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The Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS) is a cross-disciplinary institute for the advancement, integration, and support of Penn research via the tools and techniques of high-performance computing. Because scientific computing stretches across all areas of science, engineering, medicine and increasingly the humanities, PICS impacts the entire university. PICS promotes research through a regular seminar series, an annual conference, by hosting joint research projects and through researcher and student training. Read more about the PICS Annual Conference.

PICS enables computational research by providing an ongoing series of short technical “how to” workshops or bootcamps for Penn researchers and graduate students. Beginning in Fall 2015, PICS will offer a Masters (MSE) of Scientific Computing that may be pursued as a stand-alone masters degree or in conjunction with PhD programs within the disciplines. It provides multifaceted graduate training in the fundamentals and applications of scientific computing through a comprehensive curriculum including numerical methods, algorithm development, high-performance computing, data science, and applications within the science and engineering.

PICS provides an administrative home for interdisciplinary computation-centric projects that span across departments and/or schools. The PICS staff works with faculty to aid the preparation of group proposals, organizing meetings, working with business offices, and coordination of reports in support of sponsored research.  PICS maintains a conference room (325 LRSM) for the use of PICS faculty.

PICS advises the administration of schools and the university on issues related to computation-centric research. In addition, PICS works with campus computing organizations to improve campus computational and network infrastructure through advising and external grants for infrastructure enhancement.