PICS Professor George Ilhwan Park featured in Penn Today.

George Ilhwan Park

PICS Professor Gorge Ilhwan Park was featured in an article on Penn Today titled: “Engineering an accurate, affordable model for turbulence in air and space travel.”

“George Ilhwan Park, an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department in Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, focuses on understanding and modeling those turbulent eddies, which happen when the flow of air over a wing is disrupted by even a small amount, producing a complex tangle of currents. 

Armed with a grant from NASA and an astonishing amount of supercomputing time, he’s on the forefront of developing models that are affordable but also highly accurate in their predictions. Better models could improve the efficiency of aerial or waterborne vehicles and could also help build wind turbines and wind farms that are more stable and energy-efficient.”

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