Pratik Chaudhari

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering & Computer and Information Science
Levine Hall 470
  • PhD Computer Science 2018 – University of California, Los Angeles
  • MS Aeronautics & Astronautics 2014 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BTech Aerospace Engineering 2010 – Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Pratik brings his passion for machine learning, robotics and computer vision to the forefront of his research. He hopes to bring the dream of cybernetics closer to reality, with an emphasis on Embodied Intelligence. The ability to perceive and control the environment is the hallmark of such intelligence and their interplay is at the core of his research. In a nutshell, he would like to build embodied autonomous agents that are intelligent not just in the sense of a chess-playing program but also intelligent in the sense of a dog. Much of Pratik’s focus is on applications in home robotics, personal healthcare and autonomous driving.

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