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Kevin Procopio

Kevin ProcopioKevin Procopio of New Freedom, Pennsylvania wanted to be a philanthropist as a child.  At some point, his professional interests transitioned from philanthropy to Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering and Math. Kevin is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree at Penn while simultaneously taking Master’s courses in the SCMP program as a sub-matriculant. Although he now aspires to achieve a more data-driven career, Kevin’s inner philanthropist is alive and well through activities like Penn’s Access Engineering club. Students in this club teach local high school students about engineering in the hopes of increasing interest in engineering careers among these students.

Curious and optimistic, Kevin looks forward to using the technical knowledge he gains in the SCMP program to solve problems that he has previously solved by hand in his undergraduate classes. He enjoys learning concepts in the classroom, but Kevin also enjoys interacting with the diverse student body at Penn. Kevin notes that it is “humbling to consider the various backgrounds of people I now interact with on a daily basis.”

Kevin is willing to admit that the SCMP program can be challenging despite his optimism. Completing graduate level courses on top of finishing a Bachelor’s degree makes for a hectic schedule. Kevin recalls that he once spent two hours troubleshooting code only to find that he had misspelled the name of the variable. Yet Kevin takes these obstacles in stride. He knows that applied mathematics skills and computing expertise are becoming “more and more vital in the world.” We can’t wait to see where Kevin’s Master’s of Engineering in Scientific Computing takes him!