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Siqi Sun

Sigi SunAs an undergraduate studying Computer Science at Shanghai University, Siqi Sun engaged in a number of extra-curricular activities including serving as a volunteer at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. He also completed research through the National High Technology Research and Development Project of China. Siqi ultimately decided to pursue his Master’s of Engineering in Scientific Computing at Penn, and we’re glad he did!

Despite being far from home, Siqi has adapted well to Philadelphia. He loves the historical nature of the city and enjoys visiting famous Philadelphia buildings like City Hall. For Siqi, Philadelphia is similar to Shanghai because both cities are home to a number of historical landmarks. Siqi’s ability to identify the similarities between disparate cities reflects his global mindset.

Siqi also expands his horizons through academics. He describes the Master’s of Engineering in Scientific Computing program as “practical and modern,” due to its interdisciplinary nature. Siqi knows that he will have multiple career options in the future as he continues to learn about Computer Science in addition to less familiar subjects like Applied Mathematics and Physics. He acknowledges that the interdisciplinary nature of the SCMP program can be demanding, but he hopes to continue his studies after he completes his Master’s in 2017.

Siqi is proud of his accomplishments and his ability to get along well with others. Siqi is a polite and diligent team player, which serves him well in the SCMP program and will no doubt be an asset in the future.